Q?Where are your clients?

AtEz clients are all over the world. They tend to be multi-national companies who launch a learning change /intitative and need it rolled out across countries.  They typically don’t have the experts/resources to be in different locations who can deliver a consistent program. They look to AtEz  and their network of affiliates and partners to bring those experts with developed content or deliver the clients content.

Q?How is UNIVents different than LinkedIN or similar programs?

Like so many in our industry, we subscribe to LinkedIn and view it as a “connector opportunity”.  For us, we find it like a giant yellow pages. Potential everywhere but we always need to do more research and why it is just one source of many that we access to bring the right solution to our clients. I  have heard LinkedIn and similar programs compared to a “blind date”.  You are never sure that who you are reading is providing accurate information about themselves/expertise. This is exactly why we created UNIVents in the first place. I have been using UNIVents for over 8 years.  Actually, since 1997 from when I was on the design team, we  created a best in practice tool to manage over 119 Motorola Universities around the world.  When I joined UNIVentures as a partner, I brought this core system with me.  Every person in our network is vetted before they can join up. We do not charge to belong to the network in our commitment to provide a non biased perspective/recommendations for our clients. When I have a specific request anywhere in the world, I know when I select a candidate from UNIVents  – the background work has been done.  It is why UNIVentures is one of my top strategic partners.  We know we can trust the integrity and professionalism of Candace Cox and her team.

With UNIVents, AtEz is able to stay “Brand-free” and bring the best solution to the table for our clients.

This gives us the ability to bring our client’s favorite brand/name to them or a training/consulting firm or an individual.  The driver is not people we are trying to place but our client looking for a specific solution. As “they” say AtEz doesn’t have a dog in that fight.  Our 100% focus is bringing the right person to the table with the right solution for the right price.

Q?It seems like you have a lot of services- what is the core of what you do?

Core to what AtEz is about- is leveraging learning and success.  – People, Content, Solutions,

The ultimate goal is to enable people to come to the learning table to change their world in a way that is better, more effective, more efficient in order to change was not working in the past.

The AtEz learning table is built on 3 pillars:  “Coaching Services”, “Connecting Service”, and  “Consulting Services”.

I believe critical dollars are lost in mismanging how experts/services delivered. By providing vendor services to organizations, they can better manage theri resources and have more budget to do what is important.

I believe Veterans are a commodity that is thrown around with a flag with little substance to really serve them well. There are jobs that need to be done and veterans can do …..

Q?What are Tour N Learns all about?

We have made incredible connections with our affiliates and networks all over the world in the learning industry. What we found is that we all are curious and as we get to the top of our field- we are looking for interesting places to check out. We thought an excellent adventure is going to local experts- tops ihn the area of learning to share what is happening from a local perspective. We will be offering the first sojourner to Ireland in Spring 2016 for a small group who are curious as to what is going on in Ireland in the workplace of learning. We will have panels of the top corporations, educators, coaches, trainers with a focus on Ireland now and the future. We of course will throw in all the culture, castles, stories and dance – oh and Guiness  . All from a local personal lens- far from the tourist trip.
We know all of you typically have miles and favorite travel …. So we will meet you at the Grand Hotel in Malahyde, Ireland. We will provide a full week of learning and touring- with open time to bask in the green. We are limiting this to a small group of 15-20 for the first jaunt. Contact Diane for more details and to sign up early to assure your spot and let us know some places that you would like to experience. Book of Kells anyone? What is Coca Cola up to? What are the challenges facing the workforce and what learning interventions are being looked at now and for the future.

Q?How are you supporting US Veterans?

For over 15 years, Diane Wendt has lobbied through the corporate world to have them open up to recognize the value veterans bring to the workplace. Not only have veterans transferable skills from their years of experience in the military but they come with additional funding available to them from the US government and come with a carrot to potential and current employers. Not only for veterans but also their spouses and dependents have access to over 40,000K for those employers who are looking for a recruitment and retention benefits for their employees- existing and potential employees.
One example is the opportunity for VA approved training for employees that are more than 6 months and under two years. This doesn’t mean new specialized training- but ongoing great programs already in place for leadership/supervisors etc. AtEz can assist in getting programs approved by the VA allowing veterans, spouses and dependents to access their educational benefits and put up to 15-20K in their pockets. This retention/recruitment funding is a best kept secret!!!!
Another example is that AtEz offers a tool to all veterans (and employees) to run courses/training completed to prepare for transferable credits to over 1600 SOC approved colleges and universities. By accessing this tool, the requestor will find out not only what is the best/fastest/route to the degree they are looking but an actual accepted program of study along with a coach who will stay with he/her throughout the program.

Q?Why Musings?

This is a special focus of ours around words and their impact.
AtEz will be presenting featured musings/thoughts from our network on various topics of the day and the future.

Also musings especially from Diane Wendt.

3 areas of focus:
1. The latest thoughts and discussion from the network.
a. Welcome perspecitves, white papers to share
b. Engaging discussions

2. There are two projects to share that Diane has been committed to.
a. To decrease suicide especially in teen agers today. She has created a communication game that changes the communication pattern to allow time to consider a different option than a permanent solution to a temporary problem

b. There are 10,000 people coming of age- 65+ daily. What does this mean to the quality of life. What happens to those who enter the reality of both legacy and death? Diane has joined other coaches/consultants who want to offer the opportunity of discussion to that “topic” not typically dealt with in the American culture especially. She has coined it Dyingacology- the Art and Dance of Dying. As her own mother coined her own experience- Dying isn’t for Sissies that Diane also offers. One of the features is Diane’s mother of her journey and her best friend Jeannette Gorman. Their stories address the elephant in the room with humor and courage and openness without fear.

3. Special Musings from Kathleen Keating- Diane’s mom who had both an amazing life and story that Diane will be sharing.