Closure…the Art and Dance Through Life’s Passages

Jeanette's Article oh Hospice (2)I just recently lost my best friend. Jeanette Gorman who was given 6 months to live with pancreatic cancer. She went on to live passionately for 18 months until last April 23, 2015. In thinking about her and her decision to enter Hospice and live life to the fullest; I found it to be a time of reflection for me. How would I handle such news? I will be including her own personal story in my Musings section and have Jeanette speak for herself. But it has led me back to a journey of my own for AtEz. How to create a space to have conversations about Life’s Passages for us. How “at ease” are we with the whole topic of Death and Dying?

A friend of mine recently told me that every day, 10,000 Americans turn 65. It has been termed the Grey Tsunami. It also is the elephant in the room as death and passing holds that quiet shadow that just hovers around us. It isn’t going away- what do we do with it? I have decided to embrace it and invite others to do so as well.
I have coined it Closure-the Art and Dance Through Life’s Passages and want to focus some energy to this topic of choice to embrace and own.

It isn’t just about death and dying. It is when someone retires/changes jobs/ moves- it is interesting to me how uncomfortable closure is regardless of the circumstances. Why is that? Have you thought about your passing? We all have heard about the bucket list but what do we want in that closure bucket list as we leave- our jobs, our relationships, our lives?

Welcome your thoughts.

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