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With 30 years in management and executive education in university settings, Candace Cox develops best in class Executive and Management Education models. She understands the nature and processes of both the buying clients and universities. Since 1980 Candace has focused on organizational learning goals through partnerships, creating long term value to private and public entities in the areas of executive, management, and technical development.

Candace Cox career has focused on identifying, contracting, and evaluating trainers, select faculty, independent consultants, and business executives to design, develop, and instruct programs, lead consulting projects and coach executives. Her talents are in identifying the right blend of academic credentials, platform skills, industry experience, and interpersonal skills of those who can help managers and executives to learn and improve performance.

Her business success has required effective, ongoing rapport with multiple constituencies pursuing multiple goals. Clients include executives, managers, technical professionals, co-sponsoring organizations, subcontractors, consultants, faculty and university administrators.

A core strength of Candace on the management team is understanding how UNIVentures can best provide adjunct faculty for universities’ client programs. She brings strategic partnerships to the colleges and universities with UNIVentures’ global clients.

When it comes to keynoting requests, Candace has perfected the art of selecting those speakers who have a message and are fun, inspiring, unusual, and always exceptional. In addition to serving our US and Multinational clients, Candace specializes with our clients in Latin America including Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

Since 1992, UNIVentures has continued to deliver leading-edge programs and services, bringing innovations to the learning industry including:

  1. Executive programs at the advanced degree level
  2. New learning platforms such as OnDemand eCourses,  webinars, consulting and coaching engagements
  3. Co-sponsorship of week-long leadership programs with partners including Oxford University, Notre Dame University and Seminarium
  4. Licensed SaaS as a learning management tool, UNIVents

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Candace Cox, UNIVentures, Inc.