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To Be At Ease:  "It does not mean to be in a place where there is no chaos, challenges, or hard choices; It means to be in the midst of those things and be focused, strategic and thriving!"

- D.Wendt

"It's a day like all days...It tends to illuminate and alter our time. " Wendell Halseth


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Group Lecture

Diane Wendt, Founder AtEz, LLC. finds herself in transitions like everyone, and it is her favorite spot to be. She has found it to be her LifeWork.

" I have been following my passion for over 40 years. Sometimes those in transition are caught by surprise; while some are planned out. Some transitions are big and bold; some just happen - like life.  The clients I am drawn to assist are those whose transitions have them somewhere they didn't intend or expect and/or wish they were somewhere else. It is at this place, we find ourselves "stuck"/ "out of sync"/ at "dis-ease. It is at the place of discovery of "being stuck" that I find is my sweet spot. Assisting individuals, groups, organizations to figure out the next steps to become "at ease."  Asking powerful questions, listening, and helping to reframe outcomes is my value add to these insane times. 

AtEz is allied with experts at the top of their fields in the areas of coaching, facilitation, learning development around the world with connecting as my secondary lifework purpose. Got a question/query- connect. Slainte!

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