A Tribute to the Twins-Kathleen and Eileen

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

" Here's to Good Irish Women- May We know Them, May We be Them, May We Raise Them" - We Did, They Were... and They did all that and then some. My mom Kathleen and her identical twin Eileen (who I was named after) were closer than most siblings. They were part of a long term study of identical twins through UCLA. Although they would talk/text/email multiple times /day. They didn't have to....Many a time- one would call the other to ask - like my mom called my aunt- "what happened to your right leg- my leg just started hurting" and my aunt would say- "oh Sas- I was in an accident and didn't want to bother you" etc. or the time my aunt called my mom and said my throat won't stop hurting and my mom shared her dreaded secret- "It's Cancer". While John Lewis talked about getting into "good trouble"- the twins just got into trouble. My mom always insisted Sassy led her into trouble- Given the stories - it was a mutual excursion into antics. Like the time they called my grandmother to have her hear them -skating and playing the piano- When my grandmother said where are you-- she found out that they had climbed in the window of neighbors who were in Europe- and were skating in their ballroom on their hardwood floors to the music from the player piano they had turned on! Or the times they would ride upside down in the back seat of the car while my grandmother was driving in downtown LA. Their thought was when my grandmother (being the terrible driver she was) would crash and flip over- they would be right side up.Or the time they were chosen to dress up in "darling outfits" at a UCLA half time- to escort the national baton player dressed up in the Bruin Bear costume. When the flood light hit the twins and the bear- My aunt said- Sas - they can see through our dresses and they ran to dodge the light. The poor National Champion was lost trying to find himself and his baton as the flood light tried to find the running twins trying to escape the light. Or the times they would swap each other out pretending to be the other .. including us kids- they would stand at the end of the room and say- "come to mama"-it wasn't easy . They loved to dance and to laugh a lot. They didn't always agree on things- my aunt was a prolific protester- in that she and John Lewis had a lot in common. When they went to Europe- they were in Ireland and my aunt said she was going to mail a letter- she was gone too long and with a sense of foreboding my mom looked out the window and saw my Aunt with the Irish protesting the English rule. My mom said "really? " While my aunt never saw protest she didn't like. My mom was in the kitchen trying out recipes and then sending them to us with her critique. They both had a love of family and their faith.... as my mom would always say and I leave with you- "Keep the Faith"

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