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Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Daniel Wendell Halseth, born in Estacada, Oregon, on January 28, 1976, beloved son of Wendell and Christine Halseth, was taken from us suddenly on April 9, 2021 in Las Vegas, NV. Daniel, a graduate of Hood River Valley High School and who earned a Bachelor of Music at Western Oregon State University as well as an MBA from Corbin University.

Daniel had an amazing talent for music which he shared throughout his life. Especially, wherever there was a set of drums or a piano nearby- the stories abound how he just couldn't resist the urge to play and invite others to join in. In fact, Daniel became fondly known as "Drummer Dan."

His expertise in IT made Daniel a valuable consultant and facilitator on projects nationwide. With over 22K followers on Instagram alone-not even counting his FaceBook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts among others, he freely shared advice in helping others and mentored hundreds along the way.

Daniel lived in Addison, TX before returning to Las Vegas, NV. ,

Daniel enjoyed the outdoors. During his walks he would always stop and take pictures and videos of our beautiful world. He lived by the saying “always stop and smell the roses”. Daniel walked the walk and always wanted the best for everyone, even if he didn’t know the person. He always lifted people up and had a smile, always. Daniel's sincere smile and willing heart made every stranger a friend, and every friend, family.

Daniel also used his free time for what he felt was a special calling in reaching out to others who were struggling with their lives. This was especially important to him in helping returning veterans.

Daniel dedicated his life to bringing joy to everyone he met.

Daniel is survived by his mom, Christine Halseth; brothers Ben (Mellissa), Tom (Carmen), Michael (Linda); sister Leslie; two loving children Dana and Jordan Halseth; nieces and nephew Sammy, Rowan and Brody; and countless cousins and relatives. He is predeceased by his father Wendell Halseth and brothers Gerald Halseth and Timothy Halseth.

In lieu of flowers, the Halseth Family welcomes donations to the Daniel Halseth “Hello Friends” Legacy Fund. Contributions will be used to support those organizations Daniel was committed to: Music, Wellness and Veterans. (C/O Andersons Tribute Center 1401 Belmont Ave, Hood River, OR 97031)

Below is a Halseth family poem taught to them by Wendell. All of them- especially Dan would recite... Everyone at Dan's service recited the poem. Wendell and Dan would have loved it!

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Daniel Wendell Halseth : January 28th, 1976- April 9th, 2021