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My Journey

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Who am I? My Life has evolved in Chapters Chapter 1 > Gathering: better known as 172 units of lower division with 9 Majors. I found I liked anything that involved connecting and communicating the best and anything with details and math the least. Thank goodness that I found a degree at Boise State called Communication. The trick was how to explain it to anyone in a way that gave me a paying job to do it.

Chapter 2 > Individual Contributor Morphing. I loved every job I ever had and had the gift to reframe it by title /tasks to meet new challenges along the way. One example was moving from Activity Coordinator in a Nursing Home to Community Relations Director of 15 staff with 300 residents and a national leader in helping to change the elderly model from warehousing to holistic care in the United States. From Consultant to Strategic Development Change Teams in areas of Conservation, Volunteers, Early Childhood Development-in various positions along the way-- one thing led to another.

Chapter 3 > Change Agent. This was the chapter where I found that when people / organizations said they wanted to change and brought in a "change agent"- they didn't mean it. Whether it was a state government entity who wanted to create a corporate university model or a corporation who said they wanted to open their closed system up to build alliances in a new way that was sustainable and growth minded. Or to create a national model in how to bring Veterans and employees in all organizations in a new way that integrated their service and learning to all high education entities. What I found is that "they" all meant all those people out there needed to change but NOT "them". And if you bring me what I asked you to- I will crush you. It was exhausting but I was able to reclaim my sense of humor.

Chapter 4 > Learning Tables. This was my last life work chapter in creating learning tables by bringing people together from all over the world for an immediate professional development needs, conversation, design, development, project to meet a specific outcome. I worked at all levels and in all types of organizations- public, private, corporations. Through my global travels, I was able to meet the most amazing, talented and brilliant experts as well as clients that were just as amazing. At my learning table chapter hiatus, I partnered with 2 other women for UNIVentures, Inc and collaborated to bring together 12,000 experts in over 70 countries. Our secret sauce was the system I helped to develop called UNIVents SaaSTalent Management Software that was web-based which allowed each approved expert to create and maintain his/her own knowledge eProfile. In addition we further created an event management and talent search system that was truly based on matching qualified talent with qualified quests. It brought learning all together in once place including a historical record for each event with all its costs and records. It was - I must humbly admit- BRILLIANT. Our clients were the Fortune 500, Universities/Higher Education , Corporate Universities, Executive Development -worldwide, State Governments, International government entities- all striving to be best at what they did. This included lots of travel, Key Notes, Facilitation/Coaching at the 20K level. It was so much fun until it wasn't.

Chapter 5 > Transitional Coaching/Facilitation. This is my current life work chapter with a special focus tool- Outcome Mapping. I am still pondering what do I want to do when I grow up and it seems the answer is still out there. I am getting closer- I believe my life work is to give service to others that they might transition in a way that best serves them and brings them joy in their lives. In the past it was expansive to groups, organizations, projects, systems etc. Now I find myself drawn to individuals.

Where are you? What Chapter are you on?

Happy to chat....Ask me a question;

Welcome your thoughts.

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