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The core belief that drives AtEz is that everyone deserves to know and celebrate themselves. With over 30 yrs of Executive and Transition Coaching, we believe that the best experience happens by leading from behind by asking powerful questions and listening strategically in helping reframe who you are and want to be. Helping to make it happen is a gift to be co-created together. We have global key alliances and relationships with coaches/mentors in their top tier at all levels and segments of the workplace- whether Corporate, Private or Public Sectors. We look happy to serve you where you are and where you want to be. Diane is a Graduate of the Hudson Institute and a member of the HI Coaching Community as well as a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation)

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Engaged Fully: Authentic, Trusted and Valued

AtEz philosophy is that success in facilitating should be a learning experience, strategic, fun, with real results.  With over 30 years of facilitating all over the world, Diane has found that success looks the same when facilitators get out of the way of the conversation and help guide the focus forward toward results/solutions ensuring all are engaged and heard.  AtEz has key alliances and relationships with facilitators in their top tier at all levels and segments of the workplace- whether Corporate, Private or Public Sectors. We look happy to serve you where you are and where you want to go. Diane is a member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and School of Facilitators (SOF)

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Strategic, Focused and Heartbased > Works Everytime

AtEz metholdolgy is based on the  belief that getting somewhere is going to happen regardless but to get somewhere you want takes a plan that is self-energizing, motivating and rewarding. For over 30 years, Diane has used this amazing process to help individuals, groups, and organizations in a strategic way to move to new sustainable directions in a fast and meaningful way. 

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Trusted Resources from AtEz, LLC

My 2nd Passion in Life is being a Connector.  In my 40 years of focus in Workplace/Professional Development, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best worldwide- over 9000+ in 60 Countries. I am happy to share/connect with those with whom I can speak from experience or within 3 degrees. This is not a LinkedIn Blind Date - these are professionals I personally have found who have knowledge, inspire, have integrity, and are fun to work with.  The minimum criteria I have considered are those at the top of their field and/or with over 15 years of experience. The ones below I am currently featuring come with an AtEz Gold Rating. Feel free to reach out to any of my featured list and just tell them AtEz sent you! If you have a special need for yourself or your organization- send me an email and/or if you want to be considered for my AtEz Gold Rating- I welcome hearing from you.

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TRAINSMART, INC,  Global Training & Development 

Leslie Ciborowski- Founder & President


Email: Leslie.Ciborowski@trainsmartinc.com 

Phone: 847-991-8181

* For over 25 years, TRAINSMART has delivered dynamic, customized learning solutions at all levels and all industries- worldwide. Visit their website and connect! 

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School of Facilitation

Kirsty Lewis -Founder & President


Email: Kirsty.Lewis@schooloffacilitation.com

Phone: 44.7803.854293

* Kirsty Lewis has created a center of excellence for facilitators - worldwide. A global community of facilitators and trainers, coming together to think, do and be better. Not only does SOF provide knowledge and expertise- it is also a connecting hub for the best facilitators in the field of learning and development in the world. Visit their website and connect! 


RedTail Development

C.J. Jasenski - Development Coach


Email: RedTailCreativeCompany@gmail.com

Phone: 937-417-3592

*CJ provides Website Design and Marketing Development Coaching services to support clients in discovering, exploring and creating a plan to bring their ideas from concept to reality. Visit his website and give him a call!

Diane Wendt, Founder AtEz, LLC. finds herself in transitions like everyone, and it is her favorite spot to be. She has found it to be her LifeWork.

" I have been following my passion for over 40 years. Sometimes those in transition are caught by surprise; while some are planned out. Some transitions are big and bold; some just happen - like life.  The clients I am drawn to assist are those whose transitions have them somewhere they didn't intend or expect and/or wish they were somewhere else. It is at this place, we find ourselves "stuck"/ "out of sync"/ at "dis-ease. It is at the place of discovery of "being stuck" that I find is my sweet spot. Assisting individuals, groups, organizations to figure out the next steps to become "at ease."  Asking powerful questions, listening, and helping to reframe outcomes is my value add to these insane times. 

AtEz is allied with experts at the top of their fields in the areas of coaching, facilitation, learning development around the world with connecting as my secondary lifework purpose. Got a question/query- connect. Slainte!