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 Why Choose AtEz?
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We Do:
  We Are:
  • Transformation through Focused Outcomes

  • Strategic Alliances, Development and Implementation

  • Culture Changing Coaching and Consulting Interventions

  • Outcome Focused Facilitation

  • Gaming Up to Decrease Suicide

  • Learning Industry Focused Tours

  • Keynote and Conference Speaker

  • Closure-The Art and Dance Through Passages

  • Knowledge Brokerage Services providing access to the best in the world. 

  • Responsive and Timely

  • Driven by Your Needs, not our Sales  

  • Attention to Detail With The End In Mind.

  • 30+ years in the learning business

  • High Ethics and Integrity

  • Passionate About What We Do

  • Extensive Global Network

  • Results Not Brand Matters

  • Committed to Your Success

  • Accountable for Results

  • Authentic

  • Fun to Work With

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  Focused Outcomes
              Consulting / Coaching 


“The person you are determines the person you are becoming” Rick Tamlyn-The Bigger Game.

Are you where you want to be? Is your group, team, company, organization changing in ways that is determining the future desired? The fact is- it’s going to happen anyway. The key is to take control so you have control of your future. AtEz with its links to experts and networks around the world can reach globally but touch locally!

It is all about focus and understanding the actions required that will lead to planned outcomes. Imagine what a difference that could make?

It is what AtEz is all about. To be “At Ease” in that zone regardless of what’s going on around you that will allow you to deal with change proactively instead of re actively. We have certified coaches all over the world ready to serve you. Executive Coaching, Organizational Coaching, Workplace Coaching and Personal Life Coaching  You don’t need to be fixed because you are not broken. Reframing your direction is a collaborative event- with the Coach “Leading from Behind”. Give us a call to see how we can support you. 1.480.703.3426

 Alliance Building &  
             Connecting / Leveraging  


We have over 35 years in the Learning Industry, working from the decision makers to the front lines transforming the workplace to work faster, smarter, more effective and more efficient. Not only to increase revenues but to make work “flow” for every individual to succeed and do their best!

Connecting and leveraging alliance strategies is a core strength we have gained over the years – especially during these fast paced times we live in today. How to leverage your strengths to maximize results and minimize time required? Ask us! It all comes down to ROI! What we have found over the years is that all the value of getting the best vendor /expert for the best price is lost when faced with managing those resources to assure goals met, price maintained and results speak for you. There is no need today to “do it all” when you can create alliances that increase bench strength and market share. For example- if you have a strength in Instructor led training and know that eLearning is here to stay- then why create eLearing when you can partner/connect with eLearning companies who are looking for content and your skills? Leverage It!!!! We do this all the time. Consider AtEz your secret bench strength- not only brining you experts you need but helping you leverage your connections- both internal and external. Give us a call to see how we can support you. 1.480.703.3426

                 Writing / Development  


Diane Wendt's background is in the Communication and Development area is extensive-from being on faculty at BSU to working with governments, corporations and organizations around the world.

With over 30 years in the Communication arena, there is a special project Diane has been focusing on. She has been working on a communication game "Bluff The Game" to address the crisis of suicide facing us today at all levels!  Her first version of Bluff is- "Boomer's Bluff" addressing elderly suicide with over 10k reaching 65 every day! Diane feels the best way to deal with this crisis is to give feelings air and let them "speak" outload. The goal is to reframe the pattern of communication in an engaging way to change the dynamics of the conversation flow to allow time to address the choice of a permanent solution to a temporary problem. AtEz is working with some partners in the e-learning space to have both an in person and e-version. Coming in 2020

The other path that AtEz is moving toward is the whole issue of Closure. You can check out Diane’s thoughts in Musings where she lays out her plan to create space for discussions around Closure-The Art and Dance Through Life’s Passages. 

Diane believes that only in real discourse do we find out about ourselves and others. She welcomes input and feedback- it is her nature! 

Give us a call if you'd like to know more.. 1.480.703.3426